Education Mission Statement

“Each individual NADCA chapter maintains the sole responsibility
to organize, provide and distribute NADCA
technical, educational programs and services to its individual
chapter membership. These services are to be organized
and administered under the guidelines that have
been established by input from both the Industry Education
Committee and the individual chapters. In addition, the
individual chapters shall participate in the administrative
challenges facing the industry by accepting and soliciting
roles, positions and requests within the Industry Education

Chapter 17 Scholarship Fund criteria

In the interest of maintaining a high level of professionalism in the Die Casting Industries, NADCA, North American Die Casting Association Chapter 17, may provide Scholarships to selected students that meet the following criteria: The candidate must be a United States citizen; must be accepted academically as a full time student enrolled in a minimum of a two (2) year program at a technical or trade school or in a four (4) year college or university program; must have completed one (1) year of instruction in a curriculum relevant to the Die Casting or a related industry; and preferably have employment experience with a company producing Die Castings or with a Die Casting equipment supplier or be willing to accept such temporary employment experience. A letter of reference may be provided by a NADCA Chapter 17 member but is not required. An Application Form, available from NADCA Chapter 17, requesting this Scholarship are to be sent to the current Scholarship Chairperson of NADCA Chapter 17 no later then June 1 of the year in which the student will be enrolling the following fall semester.
The Scholarship Award will be presented in the form of a check to the student. 

Send to:

David Coulter
Scholarship Chairman
NADCA Chapter 17
20 Peppermill Ct.
Wildwood, Missouri